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The Small Exchange

The Small Exchange believes in standard products that keep you focused on trading. From stocks and bonds to commodities and currencies, the SMFE’s entire product suite was designed with the efficiency of futures that empowers and the product construction that is simple like stocks.


The SMFE is currently offering many products including:

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Discover the Potential of Trading the Small Exchange

SM75 \ Small Stocks 75

Small Stocks 75 finds the most dynamic stocks from the five major sectors and adjusts with shifts in the equity environment, so you stay trading an active stock market.

SFX \ Small US Dollar

Small US Dollar connects you directly to USD while diversifying against the world’s seven largest economies, so you no longer need conversions when trading foreign exchange.

SPRE \ Small Precious Metals

Small Precious Metals combines gold, silver, and platinum relative to their consumption, production, and volume, so you trade the developments that matter most in a changing metals.

STIX \ Small Technology 60

Small Technology 60 gives comprehensive access to the tech sector by tracking the most active stocks from information, retail, media, and biotechnology.

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