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Brokerage Services

  • Each producer and processor is unique in what is necessary to operate efficiently, hedge risk, and fine-tune costs
  • Our objective is to learn about your operation and to provide you with the tools you need to handle these concerns
  • We offer expertise by connecting you with someone who expertly understands a farm operation
  • We offer mobile direct market access to help you create specific strategies to manage your risks and opportunities
  • We offer very competitive fee structures to help keep costs low
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Mobile access to markets

  • We believe you need to keep your business moving while you are on the move. For this, we have a mobile platform that connects you to the markets directly
  • Real time quotes. Charts. Position management. Price alerts. Server-side orders to make sure you get filled when connectivity is lost. It is all here.
  • iOS and Android
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  • The challenges you face require custom solutions and insight
  • There are many ways to hedge risk, and to manage the cost of diesel fuel, fertilizer, and other operational input to make the most out of the markets that are directly related to your operation
  • Once we understand your operation we will work towards building a long-lasting relationship and we will continue to offer you the latest technology and solutions as they are developed
  • It all starts with an easy conversation
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