LOW Rates On Popular Micro Products

Rithmic™ is now available for $0.10 per side instead of the standard $0.25 per side in transaction fees. All accounts receive this rate automatically!

Micro Product Rates

Edge Clear is proud to introduce our $0.22 per side commission fee on popular micro and smaller products!
Contract Product Name Exchange & NFA Commissions Transaction (Rithmic/CQG Web API) Total Per Side
MES Micro E-Mini S&P 500 $0.37 $0.22 $0.10 $0.69
MNQ Micro E-Mini NASDAQ $0.37 $0.22 $0.10 $0.69
MYM Micro E-Mini Dow $0.37 $0.22 $0.10 $0.69
M2K Micro E-Mini Russell 2k $0.37 $0.22 $0.10 $0.69
MCL Micro WTI Crude Oil $0.52 $0.44 $0.10 $1.06
MCL Micro WTI Crude Oil $0.52 $0.44 $0.10 $1.06
MBT Micro Bitcoin $1.02 $1.00 $0.10 $2.12
** Transaction fees are waived when using CQG Web API. Standard monthly API fee applies.

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