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Join us as we interview special guests while providing an inside look at the futures industry and the everyday trader’s process, struggles, successes, and learning moments.
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Our objective is to give a voice to the common trader’s process, struggles, successes, and learning moments while providing an insider’s perspective on the Futures industry. Working as brokers in extensive and constant contact with traders at all levels, the team at Edge Clear was able to share experiences about how the inside of the industry operates.

Their time as brokers put them in contact with hundreds of individual traders, and they have witnessed everything from the success stories, to traders who sometimes lose all of their capital in one day. Being developing traders themselves, they realized how hard it is to make a turn in to profitability as day-traders. They do not claim to be successful traders, quite the opposite most of the time, but they have seen and made their fair share of mistakes, and hope others can learn from their experiences.

We believe that laying our trading “dirty laundry” out in the open and encouraging others to do so with us will help shed light on what it truly takes to realize progress as traders. Will you join in on the conversation?