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Financial Performance Software by EdgeClear

Growing Your Performance with EdgeWatch on Rithmic™

Now You Can Set Goals While Clearly Knowing Where You Are


EdgeWatch was originally created for use by professional traders in a proprietary trading firm. This version is our effort to help you monitor where you are, so that you can effectively grow your performance.


The desktop version of our financial performance software can load and organize your trades and data to make it easy to see what had the most impact on your performance.


Easily see your current trading performance either historically or in real-time. Get direct feedback without having to upload or manipulate data from your clearing broker.


Access advanced statistics including expectancy, P&L for every hour of the day as well as day of the week, percent long or short, average winners vs average losers, and much more!

No need for costly multiple data connections. EdgeWatch operates in plug-in mode on Rithmic™

Trade Log

Download a set of trades between a specific time frame or in real time
Easily export data for further analysis in Excel or to add to your journal
Generate your Expectancy charts, P&L charts, and Win/Loss Percentage chart

Daily Stats

Profit and Loss broken down in a daily basis
Number of trades executed on each day of the week

EdgeWatch is an incredible (and free!) trade analyzing tool for anyone who prefers to trade off of Rithmic. This is not something your typical broker offers and clearly was developed to help promote long term success for Edge Clear clients.

-DavE a.

Testimonials are not necessarily indicative of future performance or success and may not represent the opinion of all participants. There was no compensation to the trader for this opinion.

Equity Curve

Graph out the running P&L of your trades compared to the per contract P&L
See how changes to your plan are translated into performance shown in your equity curve

Win Loss Graph

Graph out your win/loss percentage for any time period
Graph out your win/loss percentage for any time period