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The Small 10-Year US Treasury Yield Futures Contract

Treasuries Inverted and Simplified

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Small 10 Year US Treasury Yield Futures Contract

How does it simplify treasury futures trading?

Wouldn't it be nice to trade bonds without a calculator? The Small 10 Year US Treasury Yield Futures Contract (S10Y) simplifies variables in interest rates into a single, succinct yield so you can skip the calculations and just trade rates.

Skip the calculations that translate yield to treasury price. Trade the yield directly.

The right size at the right price

Small 10 Year US Treasury Yield Futures Contract

Contract specifications?

 Exchange Symbol S10Y
Initial Margin / Maintenance Margin US$180.00 / $165.00
Contract Size 100x relative index or $1,200
Tick Size / Tick Value US$0.01 tick / $1.00 per tick
Trading Hours Monday through Friday – 7 AM to 4 PM Central US Time
Available Contracts Current & Following Month

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