Welcome to the New EdgeClear

June 05,2024 @04:21 PM

Welcome to our new website! The changes we have made are a part of our dedicated effort towards making our site more accessible to traders. This can be seen through our improved user interface, streamlined navigation, and aesthetic refinement in our visual style and imagery. We believe that our offerings and products harness a great amount of value for traders, so it only makes sense to have our brand identity mirror that.

About Us

Our goal is to provide active futures traders with services that ensure a level playing field. As we are traders ourselves, we have a strong pulse for the needs of a trader and aim to foster a future where all traders have the resources and opportunity to thrive. Our team consists of 5-star brokers who are ready to support traders at every stage of their trading journey. We are led by our founder and CEO, Morad Askar (FT71), who possesses a profound understanding of trader’s needs and strong industry connections.

Brand Changes

We continue to be fully committed to the core principles that have shaped our success throughout the years. Our team is thrilled to share some exciting updates to our brand that we have been working on. Although these changes are primarily visual and cosmetic, we want to assure you that our dedication to delivering exceptional customer care and services remains the same. Empowering traders is our number one priority and we are constantly seeking out ways to improve user experience. Read below about our recent brand identity enhancements to elevate your experience with us.

  1. Website
    • As mentioned previously, we have revamped our website. Our primary objective was to create a digital platform that is a sleek and user-friendly hub for traders to access our products and services. We have redesigned our navigation tools to improve the browsing experience for our users. While the essence of our content-rich site remains the same, we wanted to improve the user interface, making it more accessible and visually appealing for its users. 
  2. Name Change
    • In an aim to further reflect our company’s culture and commitment to precision, we have made a slight change to our name: EdgeClear. The removal of the space between ‘Edge’ and ‘Clear’ serves as a pledge to our goal of providing clarity and precision within everything we do. 
  3. Visual Identity
    • We have grown immensely since our inception, which has prompted us to fine-tune our visual identity to reflect this. Rather than reinventing the wheel or making drastic changes to our imagery, our goal was to enhance our brand with intention. Our team aims to create a cohesive brand identity that honors EdgeClear’s past while also making space to embrace our future within the industry. This allows us to easily communicate our values and vision more effectively—aligning with our aspirations for excellence. Below are the key areas that define our visual style and imagery.
      • Professional and Modern Imagery
      • Consistent Color Scheme
      • Clean and Crisp Design
      • Dynamic Data Visualization
      • Inspirational and Aspirational 
      • Cohesiveness Across All Platforms

Our Brand Mission and Vision

While some notable changes have been made, EdgeClear remains dedicated towards our mission of empowering traders by providing 5-star customer service, robust technology, and authentic relationships. We hope to continue to grow on an accelerated trajectory to further expand our expertise and connect with more clients around the globe.

Our team’s vision is to position EdgeClear as a widely recognizable and trusted partner that provides its customers with exceptional client care and technological solutions. Leading with transparency and client-centric values are vital to us and we plan to improve and educate ourselves to exceed client’s specific needs and goals. Learn about our four Key Messaging Pillars that are guiding our mission and vision forward.

  1. Commitment to Innovation
    • Innovation is not just another buzzword for us. We are constantly seeking out ways to provide cutting-edge trading solutions and improve our current products and offerings.
  2. Unparalleled Customer Service
    • We are grateful to have a 5-star rating on Google Reviews with close to 200 reviews—a testament to our deep commitment to client services. The EdgeClear team takes customer service extremely seriously and will continue to strive to increase the depth of our support for traders. Our team is always on-call for support, whether it’s through our live chat, ticket request system, day trading desk, or our emergency number for live trades. 
  3. Reliability and Trust
    • We recognize the amount of trust that a trader places in their Introducing Broker. At EdgeClear, we aim to build a strong foundation with our clients. To support this, we assign a dedicated broker to every trader, provide active live chat support, and offer a comprehensive Knowledge Base.
  4. Ethical and Transparent Practices
    • Ethical and transparent practices are at the forefront of all of our work at EdgeClear. We implement a strict compliance plan to ensure that every interaction we have, along with the content we produce provides clients with honest and clear information.

Get 200 Free Trades!

To kick off the new era of EdgeClear, we are offering new customers with the choice of receiving either 200 Free Trades or a $100 Commission Rebate, whichever comes first!* Use the promo code EdgeClear200 to redeem the offer.

This offer is exclusive to new traders. The trades and rebates will expire within 2 months from joining EdgeClear. Promotion expires August 31st. Exchange, regulatory, and data fees still apply

EdgeClear’s Evolution

Throughout the past four years EdgeClear has undergone significant growth and transformation. We have launched innovative products, expanded our services and support, and refined our brand identity and we have no intention of slowing down. Check out the timeline below for all our launches!

April 20, 2020 — EdgeClear Launch

EdgeClear was thrusted into the height pandemic market, a time that was marked with high levels of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Our team’s technical and trading experience alongside relentless hard work led to the development of our client base during this unprecedented time. 

Learn More About EdgeClear

July 7, 2020 — EdgeWatch Release

EdgeWatch was initially created for use by professional traders in proprietary firms, but it is now available for public use. This Rithmic plug-in allows traders to measure their and track their performance, organize trades to see what has the largest impact on their performance, and view advanced statistics, including expectancy, P&L for every hour of the day and week, the average for winners vs the average for losers, and more. With this software, you are able to spend more time on your performance and less time on tracking stats. 

Learn More About EdgeWatch

April 2021 — EdgeProX Launch

EdgeProX is our feature-rich, accessible, and highly customizable futures trading execution and analytics platform. It offers advanced analytics, beautiful charts, real-time data, and other powerful tools to enhance your trades. The platform runs on the Rithmic or CQG feed and also supports IQFeed and is supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux. EdgeProX also features EdgeProLine, a custom indicator invented by Morad Askar that computes your theoretical breakeven price and plots it on any chart within the platform.

Learn More About EdgeProX

September 2022 — EdgeQX Launch

EdgeQX is a quant-fund automated trading program that was developed for EdgeClear by InvestiQuant. The program executes on behalf of the trader through LOD, aiming to complement their trading or other investments. The automated system provides daily account statements to view the program’s activity, promoting transparency. 

Learn More About EdgeQX

October 2023 — EdgeQX-R Launch

In the fall of 2023, EdgeClear introduced Edge QX Reserve (EdgeQX-R). This is a larger and more balanced version of our EdgeQX program. EdgeQX-R harnesses the power of 2 AI machine-learning technologies to trade the E-Mini and/or Micro E-Mini S&P 500 markets. 

Learn More About EQX-R


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