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Rithmic API

Today’s exchanges provide large volumes of data that few data feeds can handle. We believe it is key to have access to the right data reliably and to be able to count on the accuracy of that data. Rithmic provides this solution.


R|trader Pro™ is included in the rithmic api fees

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Direct Market Access - Build It Your Way

Build your own trading programs with R | API™ or R | API+™, or build them over FIX. Deploy them on a colocated server or the data through 3rd party vendors
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R | API+™

R | API+™ is a collection of software libraries and interface definitions that developers and screen designers incorporate into their proprietary software to gain access to Rithmic’s R | Trade Execution Platform™.

The Proven Solution

Rithmic is supported by a large number of 3rd party trading software including EdgeProX, Sierra Chart, Investor/RT, MotiveWave, Bookmap, Jigsaw Trading, ATAS, MultiCharts, Quantower, Agena Trader, Trade Navigator, QST, and others.


R | PROTOCOL API™ offers the same functionality as R | API+™ but was developed for use in mobile apps and web browsers. It is language and OS independent and requires the use of WebSockets and Google protocol buffers.

Rithmic Pricing

Open an Account with EdgeClear and enable Rithmic to enjoy the following benefits:

  • At $20/month and $0.10/contract, we believe we offer the lowest cost structure in the industry for access to Rithmic either through the API or on R|Trader Pro
  • Unfiltered full depth Level 2 data operating at institutional-level speeds with multiple global access points
  • The extensive list of 3rd-party platforms gives traders fast, accurate data and seamless operation between analysis and trading execution
  • No hidden costs or limitations on access to data
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Colocation & Hosting

Colocation is ideal for traders seeking the fastest execution to Rithmic’s CME exchange matching gateway. Rithmic Colocation is designed for traders who are executing on automated systems and who need the lowest latency possible. Colocation also provides the benefit of minimizing connectivity and network issues from their location to the exchange’s matching engine. The best way to reduce execution delay, connectivity risk, and data latency is to colocate with us while avoiding the significant investment in infrastructure and equipment.

There are 2 types of hosting solutions:

  • Proximity Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
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EdgeWatch On Rithmic

Focus on your performance with EdgeWatch on Rithmic™...FREE

Now you can set goals based on your actual trading performance

  • Measure Performance
  • Organize Trades
  • Track Performance
  • Know Your Statistics

No need for costly multiple data connections. EdgeWatch operates in plug-in mode on Rithmic™

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Let rithmic provide you with better access

Your trade decisions and execution depend on quality data and market access.