We believe in simplifying your costs. Provide your information below and we will show you the all-in rate including Rithmic and CQG¹ transaction fees so the rate you see is the rate you pay.

By providing details on your trading style, volume and equity amount and we will create a pricing structure that is more relevant to your personal situation!

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¹Traders using CQG Desktop, CQG Mobile, CQG Qtrader, CTS, and TT are subject to higher all-in round-turn costs due to per trade order routing fees applied by the software provider. Those fees can be found for each platform in the trading platforms page here

²Traders from Canada are subject to an additional $0.15 per contract charge 

Commission Rates are subject to change at any time. While Edge Clear monitors the accuracy of the all-in round-turn rates daily, Exchange fees, and NFA fees are subject to change, which can affect the total all-in round-turn cost.

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