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Sierra Chart Webinar & Giveaway

By January 5, 2022March 6th, 2022No Comments

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Summary of the Sierra Chart Webinar

Anthony of Sierra Chart, Edge Clear’s Max Timmins & Morad Askar (FuturesTrader71) discussed the new Teton Order Routing feed and the following topics:

  • How Anthony got into trading & how Sierra Chart came to be
  • How to connect to the new, FREE Teton Order Routing System through Edge Clear
  • How Denali was created to provide a high-quality real-time and historical data feed
  • Edge Clear discloses an exclusive commission offer on Micros for Sierra Chart users (new members only)
  • A peek into the pipeline at Sierra Chart to create tools for traders that, like at Edge Clear, are “Trader-Inspired”
  • Q & A with Anthony
  • Prize Giveaway

Congratulations to the 3 winners who got a FREE 6-month Sierra Chart subscription (1st prize) and two FREE 3-month Sierra Chart subscriptions (2nd & 3rd prize) + FREE Edge Clear merchandise.

Edge Clear Hat
Edge Clear Fleece Jacket