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Volumetrica Trading - VolSys®

VolSys® is a professional trading platform with its main goal being volume profile analysis, time and sales, order flow, and footprint trading.

Volumetric Trading has also developed many proprietary indicators based on their experience of the market and recommendations from professional traders.

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Volume Profile

VolSys® offers an innovative way of visualizing composites, volume delta, and bid/ask activity.  With automatic tick grouping of the delta profile, traders can identify local absorption and aggressor activities in real time. Traders can also create merged profiles to analyze longer-term auction activity effectively.

Order Flow Analyzer (Footprint®)

The Order flow analyzer, which is also known as the Footprint®, is another important indicator in volume analysis. The Order Flow Analyzer allows you to combine price, volume and order flow (time and sales) in a single bar. It can help traders identify potential support and resistance zones, buyer/seller acceleration, absorption, exhaustion, and many other market activities.

Advanced Time and Sales

VolSys® version of the Time & Sales tape (Advanced T & S) combines individual prints back together to easily see the market orders to their fullest extent. This allows traders to filter the size of orders to get a clearer picture of the order book.

You also have the option to enable sound alarms with the possibility to show other essential information including Iceberg Orders and Quantity Order entered.

Trading Execution

VolSys® allows traders to connect to multiple data sources simultaneously. This allows the user to trade on one execution routing platform (Rithmic, CQG or others) while using a dedicated third party data feed provider (IQFeed, for example).

Traders can execute from the Advanced DOM or directly from the chart using OCO strategies. Traders have tight control and can break the position into small pieces and close them at different prices, or through fast order execution with shortcuts using their keyboard.

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