Sierra Chart is a professional Trading platform for the financial markets which is compatible with many externally available trading services. It supports Manual, Automated and Simulated Trading while providing Real-time and Historical, Charting and Technical Analysis for the financial markets.


Create and customize advanced and real-time Intraday and Historical charts for futures, stocks, commodities, indexes, mutual funds, currencies or any market.

Complete technical analysis capabilities through the detailed and interactive charts, chart Drawing Tools, and Studies.

Create Historical charts with a bar period of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, or any number of days.

Create Intraday charts with any bar period. The bars can be based on any timeframe including: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Number Of Trades, Volume, Price Range, Delta/Difference Volume, Renko Value, Reversal Value.

Detach chart windows from the main application window to place on multiple monitors.

Create watch lists of symbols that can be easily iterated through or selected.

Replay one or more Intra-day charts at any speed and from any point in time in the available chart data. The replay speed can be anywhere from .1 to 100,000 times the normal speed of real-time data. You can perform simulated trading or back testing during the replay if you require.

Advanced TPO Profile charts (also known as Market Profile)

Fully adjustable subregions within each chart window.

High-resolution chart Printing.

Linear or Logarithmic scale and many different Scale Range types.

Graph Draw Types for charts include:

  • Open High Low Close Bars
  • Candlestick Bars
  • Candlestick Body Only Bars
  • Line on Close
  • Mountain
  • High Low Close Bars
  • Line on Open
  • Line on High Low Average
  • Stair Step on Close
  • High Low Bars
  • TPO Profile Chart
  • Kagi
  • Point and Figure OHLC Bars
  • Volume by Price
  • Point and Figure X-O
  • Bid Ask Volume Bars
  • Price Volume Bars
  • Candle Price Volume Bars


Complete and Advanced Trading Functionality:

Enter orders, view orders, manage orders, and view positions from a Trade Window, chart, Chart DOM or standalone Trade DOM. Advanced Trading from the charts.

Advanced chart based trading interface (Chart DOM) which is a fully functional Trading DOM on the charts that functions just like a traditional trading DOM with optional market depth display. It supports entry of Limit, Stop, Stop-Limit, and Market if Touched orders. The Chart DOM is fully configurable. You can set the colors and what columns to display and the column order.

Order types supported:

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop
  • Stop-Limit
  • OCO Limit and Stop
  • OCO Limit and Stop-Limit
  • Market if Touched
  • Trailing Stop
  • Trailing Stop-Limit
  • Triggered Trail Stop
  • Move to Breakeven Stop
  • OCO Buy Stop Sell Stop
  • OCO Buy Limit Sell Limit
  • OCO Buy Stop-Limit Sell Stop-Limit
  • Attached Orders-Position
  • Attached Orders-Price
  • Limit Chase

Trading Scale In and Scale Out functionality.

Create Automated Trading Systems based on your own custom criteria using Spreadsheets or the Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language. Spreadsheets provide a rapid and simple means of creating an automated trading system.

Advanced and complete Trade Simulation. Trade simulation can be used during chart replays or with live market data.

For supported Trading services that provide OCO (order cancels order) and/or bracket order functionality on the server side, Sierra Chart uses this server side functionality for the greatest safety for OCO and bracket orders.

Studies And Indicators

350+ fully customizable technical studies and indicators. There is also a large library of custom studies developed by other users that you can use.

Specify simple or advanced Alert Conditions on studies and the main price chart for continuous monitoring and scanning across a list of symbols. Alerts can play a sound, are logged, are displayed on the chart, and an email message can optionally be sent. Alert conditions can reference multiple studies on the chart and are specified using very flexible and powerful Excel type formulas.

Color or paint bars based on any condition formula using the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition study

Create your own custom studies, indicators, trading systems, and other analysis methods using the built-in Excel/Calc compatible Spreadsheets or use the powerful Sierra Chart Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language.

Point and Figure, Three Line Break, Kagi, Heikin Ashi chart types supported. Point and Figure charts support the traditional X-O bars and the more practical Open High Low Close bars for a more detailed view.

Volume by Price study for detailed volume analysis at each price level across any timeframe. Sierra Chart maintains detailed Volume at Price data based upon the underlying data in the chart data file for the symbol when using the Volume by Price, Volume Value Area Lines, and TPO Profile Chart studies.

Overlay multiple price graphs into a single chart.

Base a study on another study with the Based On setting for studies. This provides a simple method to create studies based on other studies. For example, you can apply Bollinger Bands to a Stochastic.

Display graphs in the chart for Volume, Open Interest, and Number of Trades per Bar.

Spread and comparison charting.

Drawing Tools

Tools Include:

  • Pointer
  • Chart Values/Crosshair
    • Global Cursor
    • Symbol Cursor
  • Adjust Regions
  • Hand
  • Zoom In / Cancel Zoom In (Opens in a new page)
  • Line, Ray, Extended Line
  • Chart Calculator
  • Price Retracement (2 point) | Price Expansion (2 point) | Price Projection (3 point) Tools
  • Vertical Line | Horizontal Line | Horizontal Ray
  • Horizontal Level
  • Parallel Lines
  • Parallel Rays
  • Linear Regression with Channel
  • Raff Regression Channel
  • Time Expansion
  • Time Projection
  • Fibonacci Fan / Percentage Fan / Speed Resistance Lines
  • Gann Fan
  • Type Text | Stationary Text
  • Pitchfork (Median Line Tool) | Pitchfork – Schiff Median | Pitchfork – Modified Schiff
  • Rectangle | Extending Rectangle | Ellipse
  • Gann Grid
  • Arrow
  • Marker
  • Draw Volume Profile
  • Zig-Zag
  • Cycle
  • Reward/Risk
  • Swing Marker
  • Date Marker
  • OHLC Ray
  • Control Bar Text Drawing Buttons

Chart Drawing Modification Functions include:

  • Chart Drawing Properties
  • Chart Drawing Alerts
  • Move Drawing
  • Copy and Move Drawing
  • Adjust Drawing
  • Copy and Adjust Drawing
  • Make Line Parallel
  • Snap to High/Low and Snap Side to High/Low
  • Modify Text
  • Erasing Chart Drawings
  • Quickly Changing Colors / Line Style / Line Width
  • Hide Drawing


Supports numerous external Data and Trading services as well as our own data services. Sierra Chart provides its own Market Statistics data feed that can be used alongside any supported Data or Trading service, to receive various market statistics for several exchanges and indexes.

Ability to correct errors in charts yourself without having to request a correction from the Data service.

Offline analysis. Chart data can be displayed at anytime whether you are connected to a Data or Trading service or not, since all data downloaded and received is stored locally on your computer.

Display prices in any decimal or fractional format.

Time and Sales Window.

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