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Ian Blanke

Ian Blanke

Ian Blanke began his career in futures in 2015 as a broker where he specialized in retail customers trading futures and options on futures. He also has experience in connecting traders to fully automated strategies, direct market access to CME, and managed futures. He is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and is our Director of Brokerage Services. Believe it or not, Ian used to play bass, guitar, drums in bands and can really rock.

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Pssst.... {whispering} Ian is getting married in September 2024!

The next time you chat with Ian, don't forget to congratulate him for finally tying the knot with his delightful woman, Alex.

Behind The Screens

Our objective is to give a voice to the common trader’s process, struggles, successes, and learning moments while providing an insider’s perspective on the Futures industry.

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Discussion w/ Scott Andrews of InvestiQuant focused on discussing what goes into creating a trading plan, how to make sure it is robust, and tips Scott learned along the way.

Hit or Miss - Trading Event Contracts

Edge Clear interviews Morad Askar (a.k.a. FuturesTrader71) about the new CME Group Event Contracts and to discuss what they are, how they are traded, and who might trade them.

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