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Giancarlo Saraceno

Giancarlo Saraceno

Giancarlo is a Senior Broker who joined our team right after graduating from DePaul University with a B.Sc. in Finance.  An avid Equity Option and Crypto trader, Giancarlo has a passion for the markets and a drive to be the best at what he does. On his free time, he enjoys reading, creating music, and DJ-ing. He is the type of person who can’t rest until his mailbox is empty and all of his traders are taken care of. Much to our surprise, he recently became a cat owner.

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Take a closer look at EdgeProX during our weekly walk-through events hosted by Giancarlo. Watch as he take you through our feature-rich, user-friendly, trading platform.

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The process of selecting a trading platform, data feed, execution feed, and market data subscriptions with Giancarlo Saraceno and Morad Askar (a.k.a. FuturesTrader71).

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Watch and learn as Giancarlo Saraceno walks traders through a number of EdgeProX's feature-rich, user-friendly, highly customizable tools.

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