Eurex Tick Price Change

December 16,2020 @05:55 AM

DAX®, Mini-DAX® and (EURO) STOXX® Banks Sector Index Futures: Change of the smallest price change (tick) for futures outright and calendar spreads

Eurex Circular 057/20

We would like to inform our traders that Eurex decided to increase the efficiency in DAX® (FDAX), Mini-DAX® (FDXM) and (EURO) STOXX® Banks Sector Index Futures (FESB/FSTB).

The following tick size changes will be effective as of 21 December 2020:

Product IDTick size outright contract (simple instrument) in index points
Tick size outright contract (simple instrument) in index points
Tick size calendar contract (standardised futures strategies) in index points
Tick size calendar contract (standardised futures strategies) in index points

Please note that all orders and quotes in FDAX will be deleted after the close of business on 18 December 2020. No order/quote deletion will take place in FDXM, FESB and FSTB.

Effective 21 December 2020, the tick size in futures for outright or calendar spreads of the products DAX® (FDAX), Mini-DAX® (FDXM), EURO STOXX® Banks Sector (FESB) and STOXX® Banks Sector (FSTB) will be changed. Accordingly, the value that represents a tick will be either reduced or increased.

The table below contains an overview of the different instruments of the contracts and their ticks.

Decoupling of outright and calendar spread orderbooks for FDAX and FDXM

Also effective 21 December 2020, i.e. together with the change of the outright/calendar spread tick, the outright and calendar spread orderbooks will be decoupled for FDAX and FDXM. The synthetic matching in the outright orderbook with implied prices in the calendar spread book will no longer be supported by the trading system.

This means that the combinations of best price orders and quotes stored in different orderbooks (“synthetic path“) and the price determined from such a combination of orderbook pages (“synthetic price“) as well as path priorities for FDAX and FDXM will no longer be supported.

Technical distribution of the product and instrument configuration

The new price granularity is valid for all outright instruments and will be distributed via the instrument snapshot in RDI (Reference Data Interface). The respective instrument attributes are:


The valid limit order price granularity for different instrument types and trade types can be found in the product snapshot in the field “TickRules”.

Change of transaction fees

In the context of tick size changes, the standard fees in FDAX, FDXM, FESB and FSTB will be amended effective 4 January 2021. Further amendments of the transaction fees in these products are planned for 3 January 2022. The resulting (planned) amendments to the Price List of Eurex Clearing AG are attached to Eurex Clearing circular 065/20.

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