What is it?

Edge Clear

What is It?

Edge Clear offers groups of traders the opportunity to receive discounted commissions based on the aggregated volume of the entire group. Once the group has reached their initial volume threshold, ALL group members will receive a substantial discount on commissions for the duration of the 365-day period.

What are Edge Pools?

For groups of 5 traders or more

Edge Clear

Who Qualifies?

Groups of 5 or more traders

Start focusing on your trading and not fees.

Let Edge Clear take care of this for you!

Fill out the form below to learn more about the volume thresholds:

Fill out the form below to learn more about the volume thresholds:

Open Enrollment Option Open enrollment can be used for partnerships that could form Edge Pools throughout the year
How does open enrollment work? Open enrollment will start on the 1st of a specific month. We will keep this pool open until the end of the month or until at least 5 members. Customers are more than welcome to open the account and trade throughout the month on the introductory rate. Once the pool if created, the volume will start to count towards the threshold
Do we need to be part of an open enrollment period? No, if you have a group of 5+ traders, you can start the commission as soon as you want.
Do all members of the group need to be at the same FCM Yes, all members need to be at the same FCM
Do we need to use the same platform and data feed? No, you can use any data feed or platform Edge Clear offers.
Depending on the data feed, will my rate be different? Yes, it can be separate. The Edge Pool calculations are built around the Rithmic and CQG Web API data feed. If you prefer to use another data provider, such as native CQG, TT, or CTS, then your overall rate may be higher than others in your group.
Will there be a contract? Yes, all participants will need to agree to the terms and conditions before starting.
How will we know the total volume for our Edge Pool? During the first week of the month, we will tally up the total volume traded for the group and share it with that group
What happens when the group hits the volume threshold for the year? Everyone within the group will receive the new commission rate the following day
How will we know who is in our group? We will send a welcome package to each member of the group with the contact information (name and email) for each member of their group. We encourage each group to start their own email thread, group chat, Skype group, etc. to stay in touch throughout the process.
Will there be a leader in each group? Each pool will need to vote on a group leader. This leader will be the spokesperson for the entire group.
Are Micros included in the Edge Pool? You can create a separate Micro commission pool. However, the Micro transactions cannot be accounted for in the Overall Edge Pool structure.
Can we be in a Non-Micro and Micro Pool at the same time? Yes! You can be part of both pool structures. However, the volume will be counted towards the specific pool you are in