Event Contracts on CME Group

July 19,2022 @02:14 PM

It really is that simple!  Open an account at Edge Clear and trade Event Contracts as a Yes or No answer. The contracts provide a simple way for you to test your views on the global market’s daily settlements.

They focus on the daily price movements of an underlying market.  Investors now have a way to express opinions on daily price action without having to manage your position intraday.

“Retail investors have become increasingly savvy about their investment decisions and are actively seeking hands-on trading opportunities in new markets,” said Terry Duffy, CME Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Our new Event Contracts will provide this dynamic retail investing crowd a simpler, lower-cost way to participate in some of the world’s most recognized markets – many of which they interact with every day.”

Ask your Edge Clear personal broker for details on the CME Event Contracts today. Don’t have an expert Edge Clear broker yet? Then fill in the information request below and we will assign you a personal broker.