2023 CME Exchange Fee Increase

January 19,2023 @02:59 PM

Please make note of the changes to the CME’s exchange fee pricing structure that will go into effect February 1st, 2023. Notable changes to some of the most traded products can be found below:

Asset ClassOld PricingNew Pricing
Emini Indices$1.28/contract$1.33/contract
Micro Indices$0.30/contract$0.35/contract
2YR Treasury$0.60/contract$0.65/contract
10YR Treasury$0.75/contract$0.80/contract
30YR Treasury$0.80/contract$0.87/contract
Gold Futures$1.50/contract$1.55/contract
Agriculture Futures$2.03/contract$2.10/contract

The information compiled here is from sources believed to be reliable, but we cannot be held responsible for either its accuracy or completeness.